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Crypto-Fascist Manifesto

Crypto-Fascism. A toy of the people. A political toy, to prove the wrong of Marx’ statement that ‘everything is politics’. A way to express ones fascination for strong symbols. The image is more important than the message.
Crypto-Fascism doesn’t take the higher moral ground. Crypto-Fascism doesn’t feel itself better than the rest. Crypto-Fascism steals symbols back and de-demonizes them. Crypto-Fascism doesn’t take itself serious. It doesn’t take hatred serious.

By shocking people it tries to awaken them. By using a name, symbols and styles of that what is feared. Crypto-Fascism is the tool. Shock a means of getting things started and discussion the goal. There are no wrong ways of starting. Just lesser potent ways. None is free of a little fascism inside of him. Crypto-Fascism is aware of that, enlarges it, uses it as a mirror to itself and the world around it. Crypto-Fascism is as beautiful or ugly as the beholder. It reflects and demands reflection.

Crypto-Fascism isn’t fascism. Crypto-Fascism is Art. It takes the good, the bad and the ugly and mixes these into something aesthetically pleasing, leaving the unprepared to wonder… or draw conclusions. It feasts on all shades of grey, distanciating itself from the fixed and interchangeable black and white.
Crypto-Fascism is all about the aesthetics, the image.

Crypto-Fascism is NOT about degeneration. Crypto-Fascism does not hate, nor kill.
It forces the beholder to think about his stand, and to rethink about the stands of others.
Crypto-Fascism notches itself in a difficult corner. A corner where common arguments are constantly questioned. Where answers are not easy and where the most treaded paths all lead to dead-ends. Crypto-Fascism turns left into right, right into wrong and leads wrong to what was left.

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