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Albert Henry DeSalvo was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts to Frank DeSalvo and his wife Charlotte. His father was a violent drunk. At one point, his father beat his wife’s teeth out and bent her fingers back till they broke. He also forced his children to watch him have sexual intercourse with prostitutes he brought home. As most serial killers, Desalvo tortured animals at a young age and began shoplifting and stealing in early adolescence, crossing paths with the law often. He did poorly in school and tested with an I.Q. of 93, signifying average intelligence. When Albert was young, he was sold into slavery with his sister to a Maine farmer for about nine dollars. The children broke out and returned home, where Frank DeSalvo began to teach and encourage Albert to steal. In November 1943, the 12-year-old DeSalvo was arrested for assault, battery, and robbery.

Albert DeSalvo @ Wikipedia.

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