Herzog: “I have to get my iguanas in the movie”

Bad lieutenant – Port of Call, New Orleans tá saindo em Blu-ray, e o Cinematical aproveitou pra entrevistar o Nicolas Cage e perguntar sobre o Herzog. Trecho:

Cinematical: How many of the rest of the film’s ideas, like the iguanas, or the guy’s soul dancing, were in the script, and what to you was Werner Herzog’s motivation to include them?

Cage: Well, that’s all Werner. That’s a question you should ask him because he’s really the generator of those ideas. They weren’t in the script and they were kind of spontaneous; maybe we had a couple of days before to talk about, say, his soul still dancing, and I don’t really remember when Werner decided to put the iguanas in which scene or at what time. (. . .) One time Werner said something like, “I have to get my iguanas in the movie. I need at least five minutes of iguana time in the movie, and if I don’t get it I’ll never make another film again, so I have to cut some of your kind of action scenes.”  (. . .) But he was just adamant about his reptiles in the movie, I supported it because I wanted him to be happy, and I told him it would be a shame if he never made another movie again.

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One Comment em “Herzog: “I have to get my iguanas in the movie””

  1. tiago Says:

    pqp, grande werner herzog! só posso reiterar a minha admiração sem tamanho pela máquina.

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